Healthcare Solutions

Managing healthcare receivables requires a unique level of expertise

EOS USA understands that healthcare is different from the other industries that we serve. With that in mind, we have developed specialized versions of our suite of solutions designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

From population health initiatives and early-out options to patient payment plan management services and compassionate, patient focused aged receivables collection practices, EOS supports a wide range of healthcare systems, hospitals and physician organizations.

Our enhanced technology platform, strong analytic tools, operational centers of excellence covering all U.S. time zones, extensive metrics and effective compliance management program ensure that our clients reach their financial targets while maintaining a strong patient service reputation within their communities.

As a part of a larger international company, the EOS Group, we have the scale, process controls and financial backing to meet our clients’ needs from routine outsourcing solutions to large, integrated multi-hospital-complex system conversions and transformational assignments.

EOS Healthcare Solutions Suite

Keeping your patients on a track and ensuring continued revenue

The EOS Patient Outreach program is a proactive, pre-care patient outreach solution for hospitals and health systems. Using a comprehensive, technology-driven approach to deliver centralized scheduling, pre-registration, financial clearance, demographic validation, insurance eligibility, reminder calls and pre-care instructions, EOS helps you keep your patients on track and on time for their appointments.

We work with your patients in your name to collect outstanding balances

EOS staff members provide early out receivables management in your name. Our experienced collection professionals make sure that your patients receive compassionate, helpful service, ensuring effective revenue recovery and improved patient satisfaction.

We contact your patients early in the collection process by means of customized call campaigns, letters designed to meet your needs, and digital outreach campaigns. We provide your patients with information and advice and offer a range of repayment options. You can rely on our early out receivables management team to focus on improving your cash flow so you can get back to what matters most – your patients.

Recovery solutions to save your bottom line

EOS provides bad debt receivables management collection options. We design our solutions to meet your collection needs including effective patient connections through our call-centers, customized letters, and digital outreach campaigns.

Affordapay™ Solution: A new way to manage payment plans.

AffordaPay™ is a non-recourse solution that pays providers today for services rendered, expediting cash flow and eliminating collection cycles. Monetize your payment plan portfolio while offering a compliant and patient friendly solution with AffordaPay™.

AffordaPay™ partners with Health Systems, Hospitals and Physician Practices to purchase and manage payment plans via a non-recourse model.

We manage providers’ payment plan portfolios using patient friendly, multi-channel communications, developing sustainable arrangements.

EOS reviews and purchases your accounts and provides providers with immediate cash with no need for reserves.

Patients continue to be offered flexible, interest-free payment plans by patient friendly representatives. Let EOS manage your aged receivables so you can get back to what’s really important – your patients.

EOS' Promise to you

  • Non-recourse transactions.
  • Pricing equal to or greater than historical liquidations less actual cost to collect.
  • Advocacy practices and program availability for the businesses.
  • Ability to recall and buy back accounts, penalty free.
  • Compliance, auditing and security guarantees.
  • One contact person for any assistance you may need post sale.
  • Access to AffordaPay™, a best-in-class program, focused on patient-centric service.

EOS' Promise to your patients

  • No application.
  • No interest or fees.
  • Flexible payment plans consistent with patient needs and expectations to drive patient satisfaction levels to all time highs.
  • State-of-the-art multi-channel, 24/7/365 platform allows patients to customize pay plans to suit their needs.
  • Existing AffordaPay™ patients have new balances automatically role into their existing account.
  • Assurance that they will always be treated with compassion and respect for the entire life of the account.

To learn more contact us today Gary Fine, Senior Vice President, Business Development at phone:800.886.9177 x14133

How does bad debt purchasing work?

Providers have to recover losses associated with non-performing patient receivables. Bad-debt is bad news for everyone. That’s where EOS Healthcare comes into play. Health Systems, Hospitals and Physician Practices benefit from bad debt sale arrangements by transforming non-performing assets into immediate cash proceeds while reducing the use of internal resources to collect delinquent accounts.

EOS – Non-Performing Bad Debt Solution

Navigating the regulations laid out by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can be complicated. Risks associated with debt-sale arrangements are minimized when providers engage in bad debt sales in a safe and sound manner and in compliance with all consumer protection laws, taking into consideration relevant guidance. Luckily, EOS Healthcare has your back. At EOS Healthcare, compliance is our middle name.


  • To execute upon compliance procedures built to protect you and your patients.
  • Never to re-sell your portfolio.
  • Never to outsource to anyone.
  • Never to use external financing from banks, private equity firms, or other sources that demand performance and drive complaints.
  • Quarterly business reviews that demonstrate our commitment to your reputation with your customers.
  • To provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve made the right choice.

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