Experience with government entities

Serving the federal government, state governments, local, city and municipalities

EOS offers a variety of government products and services to meet the needs for innovative services to citizens and effective and compliant receivables management. We help our partners in the government sector who have to manage the increasing volume of citizens’ requests with existing or reduced staff.

EOS currently provides services to a number of state and municipal government departments, organizations and entities for the collection of fines, student loans, fees and general accounts receivable.

EOS services

EOS’ Services provides collection services for the following:

  • Taxes: business, personal, income, motor vehicle and others
  • Transportation: parking, motor vehicle violations and tolls
  • Child support
  • Court fines and fees
  • Social assistance overpayments
  • Fines and penalties assessed by various agencies
  • Student loans
  • Overpayment recovery
  • Contract services


A partner that meets your needs

We take the time to understand your unique needs and goals and to customize short-term and long-term solutions. To maximize results, EOS’ programs for small municipalities differ only in proportion from those offered to state and federal departments and agencies. The same high levels of service, compliance and commitment are included in all programs, regardless of size or need.

A partner that understands your challenges

EOS treats all citizens with respect while informing them of their legal rights and obligations. In these days, when austerity is the watchword, it is crucial that government entities manage their receivables well, maximizing collections to offset reduced revenue from taxes and fees.

EOS has extensive experience in the accounts receivables management of debt for federal, state, and local government entities. Since 1991, we’ve successfully partnered with the government sector, EOS has consistently provided leading-edge solutions for specific government concerns. Our collection approach is to maximize recoveries in a complaint-free environment. We design flexible programs and consult with our partners in government to develop the right solution for their receivables challenges.

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