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Customer service and receivables management customized for a wide variety of industries.

For three decades, EOS USA has been providing receivables management solutions and customer care services for the telecommunications industry. Currently serving some of the nation’s largest service providers, EOS handles consumer communications surrounding outstanding balance payments, billing questions, disputes, claims, and settlement resolutions. Our agents treat every consumer with respect and empathy and our compassionate tactics produce sustainable results, customer retention, and improved cashflow for our clients.

EOS USA combines a compelling healthcare industry vision, years of industry experience and the staying power that comes from being part of a large global company with solid management, technology and analytic platforms. EOS provides a complete suite of solutions for healthcare systems, hospitals and physician organizations: pro-active patient connections, a comprehensive patient experience platform, and empathetic aged receivables collection services.

EOS USA partners seamlessly with utility service providers to maximize consumer satisfaction, ensure customer retention, and improve service provider cashflow. Acting on behalf of the utility company, our agents assist customers with account and billing inquires, service enrollments and service transfers, payment processing and defaulted collections, service disconnects and reconnects, and service outages. Because EOS runs two fully-redundant data centers, EOS customer service representatives remain at the helm – even during severe weather disruptions when your customers need our help the most.

EOS USA has focused on the collection of education related debt since the company’s inception. Our success has resulted in continuous growth in student receivables, federal and institutional loan programs, private lending, and state lending throughout the country. Our most important asset in handling the challenges of educational receivables is our experience, which provides key insight into the intricacies of student accounts, receivables collection and the maintenance of student integrity throughout the collection process

EOS USA has been servicing clients in the government sector for over three decades – including numerous state Department of Revenue agencies across the nation. We help government agencies transform the way they serve their citizens and communities. Proven experts in tax collection, county and municipal debts, and court specific collections including victim restitution and resolution, probation stewardship, writ of execution, and court owed debt.

As a subset of our commitment to our government clients, EOS also offers collection services aimed directly at motor vehicle related fines and fees. This includes collection efforts related to toll, parking, and traffic violations. At EOS, we provide the resources, systems and operations to optimize your government revenue recoveries.

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