EOS Debt Purchasing Solutions

How Bad Debt Purchasing Works?

Navigating the regulations laid out by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is complicated. Working with EOS, we take all the risk associated with debt-sale arrangements out of the equation and operate in a safe, sound manner and in compliance with all consumer protection laws, taking into consideration relevant guidance.

Outstanding receivables are a burden on your company’s balance sheet and tie up personnel resources. EOS specializes in the purchase of non-performing receivables. By selling outstanding customer receivables to us as debt packages, you ensure immediate liquidity for your company and at the same time reduce the workload on your staff.

Immediate Liquidity, None of the Risk.

From time to time, every company comes across customers that don’t pay their bills, despite successful credit checks and payment reminders. By selling your outstanding receivables to us you can ensure immediate liquidity for your company and free up resources for your core business. You minimize your default risk and reduce your receivables management workload.

Turn Your Receivables Into Instant Cash

EOS stands for many years of experience and fair purchase prices. Simply make an appointment for a consultation. An EOS expert will walk you through the simple process and provide you a value for your receivables.

We purchase portfolios from companies in almost every sector:

Healthcare-Healthcare has been ravaged as a result of the pandemic and hospital debt is accumulating nationwide.

Education-College debt among students in the United States totaled $1.57 trillion dollars in 2020. As a result many colleges are accumulating receivables.

Utilities-Collecting on past due receivables is labor intensive and costly for Energy companies That’s where EOS can come in and help.

Financial Intuitions-Financial institutions are not truly built to collect old debt. They typically do not possess the experience nor the resources. Let EOS take over your debt so you can focus the acquisition of new business.

Telecommunications-Constant innovation and rapid growth have telecoms consumed with keeping up with the industry and not the collection of debt.

Why you should sell us your outstanding receivables?

Immediate injection. 
Selling your receivables means an instant injection of cash into your company that you had already considered to be “less than collectible”.

Focus on your core business. 
Collecting receivables is hard, especially if you are not an expert. Your employees are relieved of the burden of collecting from defaulted clients and can concentrate on their core business again.

Greater ability to plan ahead.
By passing on the default risk you can undertake more realistic calculations. You know exactly the state of your company’s finances. No more guessing and projecting.

Fair prices.
Modern technology and expertise help us to calculate a fair purchase price for your receivable portfolio(s).

Contact us and see how much your receivables are worth.
Whether you have general questions about the sale of receivables, want an estimate of how long the process takes, or would like us to submit an offer, simply get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to provide you with advice.

EOS’ Promise to You:

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and reputation, partnering with us ensures your customers will be cared for with the utmost respect.

We commit to:

  • Execute upon compliance procedures built to protect you.
  • Never to re-sell your portfolio.
  • Never to outsource to another country.
  • Never to use external financing from banks, private equity firms, or other sources that demand performance and drive complaints.
  • Provide quarterly business reviews that demonstrate our commitment to your reputation with your customers.

EOS Debt Purchasing Solutions can end the costly challenge of chasing under performing and non-performing debt. Companies can’t afford to just write off all their bad debt associated with non-performing portfolios. That’s where EOS can help. Your company benefits tremendously from debt sale arrangements by transforming non-performing assets into immediate cash proceeds while reducing the use of internal resources to collect delinquent accounts.

By selling your receivables, your company can free up liquidity, minimize their risk and reduce their receivables management workload.

When a company sells its receivables, it transfers a combined package of invoices owed to it by its customers to EOS. Unlike fiduciary collection, ownership of the receivables sold is transferred to the buyer. You no longer own the claims or have the default risk. This means that you can remove these receivables from your balance sheet and plan with certainty using the liquidity acquired.

EOS specializes in buying and recovering these overdue or legally enforceable receivables. Generally, these bad debts are combined and sold as receivables packages/portfolios. Our track record proves that we can not only collect more of this past debt than most businesses but we still put your clients' satisfaction as a top priority and work with them for harmonious resolution.

The benefits of selling your debt are clear:

  • Immediate liquidity
  • Greater recovery of bad debt
  • Your ability to focus on core business
  • Greater planning reliability
  • Improved customer satisfaction

The process of selling receivables is simple. A few steps is all it takes to turn your outstanding receivables into immediate liquidity:

1. Inventory
The creditor is accumulating outstanding receivables that are tying up valuable equity.
2. Offer receivables
To reduce the burden on your balance sheet and improve liquidity, the creditor offers the receivables for sale.
3. Calculation
EOS calculates a price and prepares to pay you for the receivables package. This is calculated among other things from the current value of the receivables less a risk markdown.
4. Liquidity
If the price is agreed to and agreement is achieved, you remove these receivables from your balance sheet and receive an immediate cash injection.

The answer is quite simple: None.

If you sell your receivables to EOS there are no fees, unlike with most online trading platforms. The entire process, from the initiation of business to the signing of the receivables purchase agreement, is free of charge for you as the creditor. What ultimately matters is the purchase price that has been agreed to and recorded in the agreement. And even better, when you work with EOS, there is no recourse. Once we buy your debt, we own it and we never re-sell it to a third party thus ensuring your clients will be treated as expected over time.

Is your company constantly grappling with payment defaults? This is precisely where the forward flow principle comes into play: With a forward flow agreement from EOS, you sell your outstanding receivables at regular intervals and gain a fresh cash injection in return.

What is a forward flow agreement?
Payment defaults are a constant part of the business world. The forward flow principle is worthwhile for companies that are constantly grappling with payment defaults.

A forward flow agreement is a purchase contract within the scope of which receivables portfolios are sold and transferred at set intervals over a specific period. The time frame and intervals at which you transfer the receivables packages to EOS are agreed in advance. The price is a percentage of the nominal value that is calculated beforehand and applied to all receivables transferred.

Benefits of a forward flow agreement.
With the help of a forward flow agreement, you can permanently reduce your inventory of overdue receivables. This will ensure that outstanding receivables are turned into fresh liquidity at regular intervals.

In the context of the total receivables volume, you save a lot of time and coordination effort through a forward flow agreement. Instead of having to start new negotiations for each receivables package, the terms and conditions only have to be determined once. Ideally they will then form the basis for a long-term partnership based on trust and ensure the optimization of your processes.
Customers that use Forward Flow Agreements

  • Consistently have low receivables inventories
  • Are able to plan certainty in liquidity management
  • Save resources in accounting and finance

To learn more contact us today Gary Fine, Senior Vice President, Business Development at gary.fine@eos-usa.com phone: 800.886.9177 x14133

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