EOS Recover

Make Right Party Contact

Our first goal is to make contact with the patient. For patients with good contact information, we use an integrated notice-phone strategy, using a rotational best time to call strategy to maximize the likelihood of right party contact. For clients with inadequate contact information, we use a combination of methods to find accurate address and phone information, including manual skip tracing.

We use a combination of manual and dialer and IVR calls to increase contact rates cost effectively and use scoring to focus our manual calling on those patients with the most capacity to pay.

Obtain Optimal Resolution

We find up to 25% of the balances in any placement may not be patient responsibility. We use automated processes to identify those accounts quickly and assign them to specialists to obtain payment, whether it be third party liability, workers’ comp, probate or another source.

For balances which are patient responsibility we use a scoring-based segmentation strategy to pursue anything from payment in full to settlement, according to our client’s guidelines.

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