EOS Advance: Patient Friendly Debt Purchase

As one of the largest debt buyers in the world, EOS Healthcare has the financial resources and experience to buy a wide range of receivables portfolios. By selling your receivables to EOS Healthcare, you obtain these benefits:

  • Immediate and predictable cash flow
  • Permanently remove unpredictable asset from your books
  • Patient friendly call center and collection process
  • Asset protection: EOS Healthcare won’t resell your accounts
  • Increased control: ability to recall accounts / buy back rights
  • Healthcare focused

Organizations with past due and charged off debt have sold these assets to debt buyers and collection companies for many years. Increasingly, healthcare organizations are seeing the benefits of selling their unpaid receivables. However, due to the many unique aspects of patient liabilities, EOS Healthcare recommends that healthcare providers only sell to organizations qualified to recover those debts and committed to preserving the reputation of the seller in the community.

Contact Information

Lindsey Hoyle
Sales Operations Manager

Toll Free: 800-201-3005 x 14849

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