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EOS Healthcare takes maximum advantage of modern technology. Our IT team has vast experience in business process outsourcing and related assignments and they stay hard at work ensuring that our technology infrastructure is reliable, efficient, flexible, scalable and secure.

Our data center at EOS Healthcare's headquarters has been structured as an enterprise scale center, complete with redundant electrical and AC capabilities. It is protected with uninterruptible power and onsite emergency power generation against any electrical interruptions lasting from seconds to days. EOS Healthcare uses MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) for its wide area network and this coupled with our hub and spoke network architecture, permits recovery of any part of the environment in a short period of time. In the event of natural disaster or emergency at any EOS Healthcare site, operations may be transferred to another site unaffected by the situation, to an EOS-owned offsite data center, or a dedicated facility that we have provisioned in a remote branch office. EOS Healthcare internet connectivity is designed to fail over automatically to the redundant hardware configuration or leverage two divergent carriers in the event of a single carrier outage.

In addition to employing best practice physical and logical security methods, to protect client data EOS Healthcare encrypts all data in motion and at rest, using algorithms that have received substantial public review and that work effectively. All mission-critical data is replicated daily to a geographically remote data center in the event of catastrophic events in the primary data center. Redundant mission critical systems are in place in the remote data center in standby mode. With these controls in place EOS Healthcare is capable of a recovering from even a catastrophic event in eight hours or less.

As a result of our vigilance, EOS Healthcare has never had a breach of security or security problems.

EOS Healthcare is PCI (Payment Card Industry) certified. We require subcontractors with access to sensitive data to also be PCI certified. Our systems are also compliant with FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act), and HIPAA standards. All systems are deployed with strict controls to segment client data/information securely.

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