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Just as is often the case with medical care, in business a speedy response to changing conditions can be the difference between life and death or success and failure. In a rapidly changing environment like the U.S. healthcare market, those who do not adapt are likely to fall behind. As a result, we feel it is incumbent on us to develop new products and services, investing in new technology, enhancing metrics management and creating new analytic tools.

We see our mission as helping our clients manage the entire patient ‘order to cash’ revenue cycle, which has implications for just about every patient non-medical interaction. We provide a complete revenue cycle solution developed through working with hundreds of hospitals and physician organizations around the country to keep them financially and operationally strong in the rapidly changing environment in which they must compete to deliver not only the best medical care and outcomes but also the best patient experience and business processes.

At the front end, we offer Patient Connect 360, a complete suite of services to support patient onboarding, including scheduling, patient surveys, pre-registration, post registration follow-up and all related remote patient service functions.

Once the patient leaves the hospital, we offer Payer Resolve 360, our expertise-based solution for obtaining and accelerating complete and accurate reimbursement from third party payers, whether private or governmental.

Advocate Advance 360 is a unique advance funding solution that guarantees net improvement combined with a comprehensive patient experience platform inclusive of all patient service center functionality.

As some accounts inevitably end up unpaid, EOS Recover provides advanced debt collection services based on intelligent triage of accounts to ensure we exhaust every possible payment source and focus our effort on the accounts with the most potential for payment.


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